In an effort to address the drying and cracking that plagues so many products in the beauty industry, SeaCliff has created the BeautiLock Airtight system of packaging.

BeautiLock is the first true airtight system of packaging the achieves less than 1% product weight loss. This feat in engineering allows for the creation of products which until now have not been possible. Time to get creative!

Along with its patented airtight valve-seal technology, BeautiLock components boast the thinnest and most attractive low profile packaging possible to ensure both effectiveness and visual appeal. Customizable in different sizes, shapes, colors and forms, BeautiLock allows product developers to think and realistically plan for new products that cannot be used in any other package on the market.

It is our never ending goal here at SeaCliff to provide our customers with ground-breaking and innovative packaging solutions. Our vision was to create a family of BeautiLock packages of various sizes and applications that can be used in ways packaging could never be used before. We believe have succeeded in our goal and vision; we present you with BeautiLock.